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It’s hard to remember all tracks in your music library by heart. (Hard! If not impossible!) When browsing the TangoTunes catalogue, you might have found yourself wondering: Did I already buy this tune? And sometimes it happened that you purchased it twice by accident and had to write to support what to do about it.

That wondering is over now: When you are logged in on the website, you see all tunes you already bought with a greyed out button. You cannot put these tunes into the basket.

You need to be logged-in to use this feature.

The greyed-out basket button

The active tune has an orange button. You can buy this tune!
The deactivated tune shows a greyed out button. You have previously bought this tune.

The new filter

We also introduced a neat little filter “My Tunes”. Here you can choose between the tunes you already bought and the tunes you still can get. You can combine this filter with other filters, as usual.

For example: Filter for “still new” and “album” to view all albums not yet in your collection.

We think that’s a pretty handy feature! Do you like it?

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  • Ralph Hangleiter

    I really like this – saves me checking forth and back between the site and my library.

    • TangoTunes / sm

      Really glad you like it! Thank you, Ralph!

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